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Formational, collaborative, and life-altering.

Bible Quizzing is a great way for your student to engage in learning, understanding, memorizing and applying the word of God to their lives.
Teen quizzing is very different from elementary quizzing.  Encourage your student to give it a try.  We’re certain if they try it for a month, they will love the fun and competition of our teen quizzing group led by Chad Lynn.
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No quizzing Practice 10/21, Nov 4, Nov 21,Dec 23,26,30, Jan 27, Feb 17, Mar 3.

Otherwise practice every Sunday at 4:00 Pm and Wednesdays at 8:15.

Teen Quizzing Fun Quiz // September 8

Teen Bible Quizzing  District Quiz #1 // October 13

Teen Quizzing | Quizfest // October 19

Olathe Invitational Quiz Setup // November 2

Olathe Invitational Quiz // November 3

Teen Quizzing | St. Louis Tournament // November 30

Teen Quizzing Practice // December 2

Teen Quizzing Practice // December 5

Teen Quizzing | District Quiz 3 // December 8

Teen Quizzing | District Quiz 4 // January 12, 2019

Teen Quizzing | Oklahoma Tournament // January 25, 2019

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