Whether you’re new to College Church or you’ve been here for a long time, our staff wants to take a few moments to share with you about who College Church is, what we mean when we say we’re Nazarene, and why we are all about Imagining a Place in Olathe.

  • Discover what it means to Take The Next Step with us and join us on mission in Olathe.
  • Hear stories about the people who had a heart for Olathe in the early days of College Church.
  • Learn about the Nazarene church and following the class, you’ll have an opportunity to join the membership of College Church.

*Childcare + lunch provided.

  • We will confirm your RSVP.
  • We'll have Kids care and food available for them as well. ex. Name, Age
    We want to be sure everyone can eat what we're serving. Let us know if someone in your family has a food allergy and we'll reach out to you to be sure we have an option available.
    We just want to be sure to help you connect the best way. If you're already a member at another Nazarene church, we can help you transfer your membership.