Find Your Place in Ministry

We’d love to help you discover the many opportunities available for volunteering in ministry at College Church. One of the tools that we are excited to provide is a spiritual gifts assessment that will empower you to learn more about your gifts and some of the suggested service opportunities that uniquely compliment characteristics that God is cultivating in you!

We want to say right off the bat, this isn’t the be-all, end-all of assessments. We all know that personal assessments can’t fully represent the complexities of who we each are. We hope you’ll consider this assessment as a launching pad for considering how God may be inviting you to be a minister in the places and spaces of your own life and our life together at College Church.

The first two sections of this assessment are designed for you to select skills, passions, and abilities that you have. The third section has questions that will determine your top three spiritual gifts.

How to find a place to serve

Not all positions are scheduled through the┬áscheduler, but you can let us know when you are free and how often you’d like to serve here:

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