Dave Sharpes - May 28, 2017

Ripple Effect

The words, example, and actions of family echo from generation to generation. Even if at times you think that you don’t matter, your children and grandchildren do not forget the strength of your convictions or the example you set. In a time when the children of the “greatest generation” are suspicious of institutional/organized church, what place do grandparents play in rekindling a passionate faith in the lives of their children and grandchildren?

From Series: "Thrive | Family + Our Modern World"

Everyone's part of a family--it's a natural feature of being human! Imagine for a moment if your family could thrive in new ways that have never seemed possible. This series of messages is all about the complex realities of living life alongside those of our own family, and how to be in relationships that glorify God's plan for the family in our modern world.

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