The best present this Christmas isn’t the newest iPhone, but a new or renewed awareness of His presence.  What are His gifts to us this Advent, and have we opened and received them fully?  How are we as receivers of this gift, called to also be good givers of what we have to others?


 December 3 | 9:30 + 11 AM
Isaiah 64:1-9 is a prayer that has both a deep sense of desperation and a bold confidence of trust in God. If we don’t give pause in our lives, the desperation of our situation could overwhelm hope for the future. Our vision of the future must guide our lives…not the vision of the past or the pressures of the moment.


 December 10 | 9:30 + 11 AM
Isaiah 40:1-11 are the words of well-being, assurance, and solidarity to people living in exile. This is the now and not yet anticipation of the Kingdom of God.


 December 17 | 9:30 + 11 AM
Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11 calls for a massive reversal of things, accomplished by the power of God. This reversal changes the order of social power and in doing so, brings joy, security, and blessing to the abused and oppressed. We celebrate the “upside-down” way of the Kingdom of God.


 December 24 | One Gathering at 9:30 AM
The words of Isaiah 9:2-7 align with the long nights of the winter season, while simultaneously providing a vision and the hope that the light of Jesus is that which overcomes all darkness. It is a hope that liberates us to live with Him in a world that does not ignore the realities around us, but is not willing to be overcome by them (war, division in our country, between families, or in competition between churches, etc.).