Creative Kingdom building in a sensitive world region.

We can’t say much online because of privacy concerns, but would be happy to sit down and share more in person. Our Creative Access partnership is currently focused on theological training for native pastors, and entrepreneurial development for the field. We’re utilizing sports to generate income for the local missionaries in a really unique way!

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Mercy Blog

HaitiMercy Project
January 13, 2021

Mercy Update – January 2021

Mercy Project Update January 2021 Prayer Coordinator Shift Bill Christie resigned two months ago after having held this position for quite some time. Tami Brumbaugh has agreed to fulfill the…
General BlogMercy Project
August 13, 2018

Central Playground | One Less Gift

It's not just a playground. It's a place for families to be nurtured and neighbors to share life-on-life.   In December of 2017 you rallied together to raise over $15,000…
HaitiMercy Project
August 10, 2017

Imagine an Olathe, Imagine a Mapou

I've yet to find the right response to the age old question, often posed by friends and acquaintances following a trip to a foreign country... "How was it?" Sometime a…