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Mercy Project Update

January 2021

Prayer Coordinator Shift
Bill Christie resigned two months ago after having held this position for quite some time. Tami Brumbaugh has agreed to fulfill the responsibilities of this position. We are grateful!

Mercy Initiative
The IMAGINE Campaign began in March 2018. Given this initiative, we were unable to offer Mercy Commitment Cards for two years, plus we wanted to align our budgeting with CCN’s. When Preston was called away from us, we recognized we had to approach our Mercy Project funding in a different manner. So, we contracted with a marketing company, “Strategy”, to help us. They performed a SWOT analysis, helped better “match” our Mercy Project brand cohesively with CCN, formed a compilation of our video elements with voiceover, created an email template in MailChimp, a brochure, and Commitment Cards.

August 2020 – $75,000/ $360,000

January 2021 – $275,393.13/$85,607  [$5,350.44/week x 16 weeks]

One Less Gift* – $  11,748.13/$7,500
*Included in Mercy Project Total

With our decline, our was to have a 10% increase of new Giving Units. 22% of those giving was not giving to Mercy prior. We praise God for His provision!

Salvation Army Outpost.
During this COVID season, we continue to see heightened foot traffic and the last two months found us serving just shy of 70 families (no duplicates) each month (each family is only allowed to engage the Food Pantry once/month). At the onset of COVID-19, we had 250 families on our Roster. Today, our roster has 525 families.
Each family has been vetted by the Case Workers at The Salvation Army through our shared M.A.A.C. software. When monies are distributed through Benevolence, we are not the only party contributing. Ours is a shared approach of resources with The Salvation Army, Olathe District Schools, and other funds. In this way, each dollar is well-stewarded as the “right hand knows what the left hand” is doing. Our dollars are better invested and simply go further.

For November and December, the SAO purchased and provided @ 60 Turkeys and 15 Hens, with several going to Millbrooke Apartments. Food is distributed regularly to those at Millbrooke Apartments. We logged better than 125 Volunteer hours in this area of ministry!


Food Pantry CARES ACT Funding through JOCO.
Last month, we wrote and were approved for Grant in the amount of $16,000! The Grant stipulated that we were to purchase $8K worth of groceries through HyVee (800 bags) and $8K worth of Aldi Gift Cards ($10/ea.) and have them distributed by December 30th.

Twenty-five volunteers helped us unload the trailer and pack each of the paper bags – including our (bi-lingual) SAO flyers in each. December 29th found we had delivered all 800 bags to three locations through “Pop-Up Pantries.” We coordinated with 34 families Millbrooke Apartments (34 Families), Governor’s Court Apartments (45 Families), 89 families at Santa Barbara Estates (87), and our CCN Hispanic congregation (55 Families) receive as well! In total, we had 30 volunteers that served a total of 65 hours for this initiative!

Masks of Mercy
We partnered with LeEtta Felter in the early March to combat COVID-19 to support Masks of Mercy. As of November, through a host of volunteers throughout College Church and our Olathe Community, better than 35,000 fabric masks were created and distributed to Nursing Homes, Olathe District Schools, various Hospitals, and other various entities.

On behalf of the City of Olathe, Mayor John Baker gave Masks of Mercy (specifically LeEtta Felter and Dr. John Fales) the Cathedral Builder Award last month. You will recall this award was created by our late Mayor Mike Copeland twenty years ago. Here is a brief recording Olathe produced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPvNptLMOO8. Be sure to encourage the Felters when you see them.


Haiti Update
The Solar Panels have been purchased and we believe they may even be delivered this week to Mapou. Heart to Heart’s, Pastor Josue Andre (of Haiti) will be giving oversight to the installation. Our own Cliff Spruill (speaks French Creole & knows Mapou) is travelling to meet with the Federation (compilation of committed leadership) and MUSO (Mutual Solidarity – global financial group to create economic stability to areas that are economically isolated). Our five-year commitment (M.O.U. 2017) states we are to be present once/year. Though, we have not been to Haiti since July 2019. As our acting Ambassador, Cliff will be in country for one week and also attempt to get footage of the panels and an interview or two.


Hispanic Satellite Campus
As you are aware, our Hispanic ministry is well underway to establishing our first multisite campus. While there are challenges related to COVID-19, Pastor Marcos Cisneros has an agreement with Santa Barbara Estates (Ridgeview Road) to launch our first CCN Hispanic Satellite Campus on Easter Sunday, April 4th. We are currently finalizing our strategy and he is developing his team for this initiative. We are so grateful to what the Lord is doing amongst us to further His Kingdom!