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Pastoral Update from Sunday, March 28

Remarks from Kevin Gilmore, on behalf of the church board

We have met with our DS five times, the most recent of which was Sunday, February 21.

Foundational Statement

I’d like to remind you of the foundational statement our Board has adopted for this process. “We believe finding a pastor is not a competition among a group of qualified candidates (it is not simply a job interview), but a process for discerning who the Lord is calling to be our next pastor.”

Process Overview

The first two steps in our process are now completed.

  1. Profile – The component elements of the Profile document were compiled and distributed to the Board in draft form for review three weeks ago. The Profile document was approved by the Board at last week’s meeting.
  2. Potential Candidate Pool – The list of potential candidates has been gathered over the past few months and was presented to the Board at last week’s meeting.
  3. Narrow the Candidate Pool – The Board will narrow the pool and have conversations with those remaining candidates.
  4. Select a Nominee – In consultation with our DS, the board will select one of the narrowed pool candidates as a final nominee and conduct a more formal, final interview.
  5. Meet/Greet – If the final process is positive, the Board will recommend the candidate to the congregation. An all-church meeting will be called for a time to meet/greet the candidate and, a day or two later, a vote will take place among the membership.


While God’s timing will take precedence over any plans we have developed, the Board has agreed on this timeline to gauge our progress:

  • Dec to Mid-Feb Call to prayer; profile development/completion
  • Late Feb       DS presents names to Board for consideration
  • March          Conversations with narrowed potential candidate pool
  • April             Interview of potential Lead Pastor candidate
  • May             Congregational meeting and vote
  • June             Installation of our new Lead Pastor

Candidate Pool Narrowing Process

39 names were received from:

  •   Congregation
  •   Denominational Leaders
  •   District Superintendent
  •   Other

Candidate Pool Narrowing Process

  •   39 names received by Church Board
  •   15 of the 39 names recommended by DS
  •   Summary info provided on each
  •   Board narrowed pool to 9 in February
  •   As of March 28, 3 of the 9 names remain in consideration

We continue to make progress along our proposed path and timeline as we have narrowed the candidate field to three.

Next Steps

  •  March 21-26, our DS engaged in more formal conversations with each candidate, including asking a series of common questions.
  • The Board and DS met Sunday, March 28 evening to consider the results of those conversations and the responses to the questions.


This entire process has been bathed in prayer and we were honored, at our last meeting, to have the members of the Prayer Task Force pray with the Board prior to the start of our last meeting and to have them praying for us in another room as we met.

James 1:5-6  “5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. 6 But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt,”

We ask that you continue to pray as follows:

  •   That our new Lead Pastor clearly senses the leading of the Holy Spirit as he is contacted.
  •   Wisdom, discernment and unity of the Board as the search process moves forward.

Thank you for praying for this process and believing, without doubt, the Lord is leading us to the pastor He has already called to our Church.