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Learning CenterĀ 

daycare services that meet

your child where they are.

Our daycare class offerings are organized on a variety of factors. Take a look at the class list to discern which class your child would be nurtured in!

Linked below are common forms required for application to the Learning Center.

Pink Class | 6 Weeks – 12 Months
$310/week | Ratio 1 to 3, max 3:9.

In this classroom, the basic needs of each infant are met. While the teachers help with age appropriate milestones such as crawling, sitting, walking, and eating table food.

Purple Class | Approximately 2-2.5 Years
$255/week | Ratio 1 to 7; Max 2:12.

In this classroom, children will enhance their social skills and develop fine motor and large motor skills. Begin potty training.

Green Class | 3 Year Olds
$225/week | Ratio 1 to 12; Max 2:12.

This class provides activities similar to the Yellow class with an extended structured time and mastering self help skills. *Must be potty trained to be in this class.*

School Age | Kindergarten – 5th Grade
Summer Care (Bring a Snack Lunch) | $230/week
Orange Class | 12-24 Months
$275/week | Ratio 1 to 5; Max 2:10.

In this classroom, teachers help establish a routine of structured play time and independent meal and nap time.

Yellow Class | Approximately 2.5-3 Years
$235/week | Ratio 1 to 10; Max 2:12.

In this classroom, children receive preschool curriculum. They are also exposed to structured classroom routines. Examples: circle time, centers, art & crafts. Potty training skills are also mastered. If potty trained and 3 years old, $220/week per child.

Blue + Red Class | 4-5 Year Olds
$220/week | Ratio 1 to 12; Max 2:12.

In this classroom, teachers focus on Kindergarten readiness based on Olathe School District requirements.


Offering customized care for children ages 3, 4, and 5 years of age.

Kid’s Day Out

A safe, nurturing, Christian environment where children have the opportunity to explore and learn through play and structured activities. For children 2-4 years of age.