Give to support our mission, as we imagine a place together.


College Church is excited to partner with Subsplash for an easier online giving platform through the CCN Olathe app and this site. To get started, follow the instructions below.

Add the $ Amount

Adjust the amount of your gift in the first box.

Select the Fund

Choose the fund that you'd like to make your gift to.

Adjust the Frequency

Is this a one time gift, monthly recurring, weekly, every two weeks, or twice a month?

Choose the Date

Select the bold date to choose the date you would like your gift to be processed. If the gift is a monthly recurring gift, select which day of the month you would like for you gift to be processed.

Other ways to Give


You an always drop it through the good ole, USPS.


This is available 24 hours at the Garrett Entrance, with a security camera.

Drop off

Drop it by the church during our staff office hours, Monday - Friday 8 AM to 4 PM