We’re called to bring release to the captive.

Freedom Sunday is a day for recognition and mobilization. The Church of the Nazarene is challenging all local congregations to set aside September 23, 2018 for the purpose of raising awareness to, and creating actions steps for, the issue of human trafficking in our world.

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Become Educated


The first step to joining the solution is becoming equipped with the truth of the dilemma. We’re encouraging you to learn about the facts surrounding human trafficking in our world through the documentary linked below.

Nefarious Documentary


Find your Voice


Learn how you can become a part of a national network of volunteers committed to anti-trafficking initiatives. Your voice is important! Imagine what we can do together if we are all equipped through insightful training. Learn more below!

Join the Movement


Put skin in it


Through financial donations, we can empower organizations that are actively in the fight against human trafficking. We’re specifically encouraged by the work that Exodus Cry, based right here in the KC metro, is doing to combat the issue in our world. By donating to their organization, you can help further the impact realized by their efforts.