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Forward is a local group of friends dedicated to building relationships between neighbors in their community by cultivating an active life together.

Why Forward?

Forward’s not just for runners, “those workout people”, or that co-worker who always chooses kale over the donuts that Bill in HR brought in. We’re a group of friends that want to journey together as we each honestly confront what it means to attain balance and wellness in our lives.

We’ve developed Forward because we believe that God can do something unique in the hearts and lives of people who live active lives together. We want you to help you set smart, attainable goals as you consider what an active life could look like for you!

We know that wellness will look different for everyone. If you’re looking for a community of friends who will encourage you to attain new goals that you’ve never thought possible, Forward is for you!

Free Female Self-Defense Class

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Upcoming Events

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