be· nev· o· lence | buh-nev-uh-luhns

  1. disposition to do good
  2. an act of kindness or generous gift
  3. to demonstrate altruism, compassion, generosity, and/or kindness; the quality of being well-meaning


sun· day | ˈsən-(ˌ)dā

  1. the first day of the week, observed as the Sabbath by most Christian sects
  2. the practice of attending a house of worship


On the First Sunday of each month, we remind our community about the good work taking place through our Salvation Army Outpost. We depend upon the donations of food through our “Red Bags” in each of our lobbies to assist us in stocking our food pantry. During the pandemic, we have doubled our roster from 250 families to 525 with your faithfulness!

Better than 60 volunteer hours are invested in our Salvation Army Outpost Food Pantry, each week. We also come alongside families who are in need through Benevolence. To reduce toxic charity, families are vetted by professional Case Workers and if there is a proven need, we help them financially and seek other organizations with which to help. It strengthens our stewardship by allowing each dollar to go further.

Certainly, we receive food and funding throughout each month, but we have this monthly emphasis to be prayerfully mindful of our commitment to those struggling with food and housing insecurity. Whether you bring a “Red Bag” of food (items are printed on the bag) or choose to make a small contribution (designated offering or online; be sure to select “Benevolence”), our hearts are filled with gratitude.

Should you have any questions or would like to volunteer, you may email our Salvation Army Coordinator, Paula Church