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It’s not just a playground. It’s a place for families to be nurtured and neighbors to share life-on-life.


In December of 2017 you rallied together to raise over $15,000 for new playground equipment at Central Elementary. Central is a Title I school located within our five-mile radius, and is a school that College Church is invested in through our Mercy Project local collaborations.

The playground equipment made possible by your gifts will be utilized on a regular basis by children during the school hours, as well as families in the surrounding area. Directly across the street from Central Elementary you can find the Millbrooke Apartment complex, a community of individuals that College Church has come to have a relationship with as well. Our investment into this playground will directly impact multiple areas of community ministry that we are involved in!

Take a listen to this message from Principal Dana Hinds as College Church banded together to put the final touches on equipment and decoration installed at Central. This was an all hands on deck occasion, and included individuals organized through Mercy Project, Adult Bible Study Fellowships, and Life Groups!