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On Sunday, December 13, Kevin Gilmore (Administration Committee Chair) shared an update to the congregation which include the following information:

We believe finding a pastor is not a competition among a group of qualified candidates (it is not simply a job interview), but a process for discerning who the Lord is calling to be our next pastor.

A Review of our progress to-date, including meetings with our District Superintendent, Dr. Eddie Estep –

  • Nov 8-  to accept Pastor Sharpes resignation
  • November 22 – to appoint Dr. Reeder as our Interim Pastor (beginning Jan 3rd)
  • December 6 –  to agree on a search structure and timeline
  • January 10 – Next Meeting

The process will be:

  1. Profile – We are in the process of developing a profile document which describes our desired pastor and provides information on our Church and local community. The Board has divided into three separate working groups to address each profile area.
  2. Candidate Pool – Based on the profile, our DS will recommend a pool of potential candidates for the Board’s consideration.
  3. Narrow the Pool – The Board will narrow the pool of candidates and have conversations with those remaining candidates.
  4. Select a Nominee – In consultation with our DS, the board will select one of the narrowed pool candidates as a potential final nominee and conduct a more formal interview.
  5. Meet/Greet – If the final process is positive, the Board will recommend the candidate to the congregation. An all-Church meeting will be called for a time to meet/greet the candidate and, a day or two later, a vote will take place among the membership.

The goal of the timeline is as follow:

  • Dec to Mid-Feb – Call to prayer; profile development/completion
  • Late Feb – DS presents names to Board for consideration
  • March – Conversations with narrowed potential candidate pool
  • April – Interview of potential Lead Pastor candidate
  • May – Congregational meeting and vote
  • June – Installation of our new Lead Pastor

Finally, the board has requested input from the congregation in three main areas. As always, you can respond to those through the board email (board@collegechurch.com) or you and complete the Congregation Response Form. Those questions are: What are the three most important characteristics we should seek in a new lead pastor? What should our next pastor know about our church? Do you have any names you would recommend for consideration?

Regular updates can be found on the Pastoral Search on our website, collegechurch.com/board. We will post new updates, after each board meeting. These reports are also shared during our Sunday morning gatherings, which are available on the College Church YouTube channel.

Thank you for praying for this process and believing, without doubt, the Lord is leading us to the pastor He has already called to our Church.

As always, these updates can be found on the College Church Board website and you can contact the College Church board by emailing board@collegechurch.com