College Church Vision Statement

Imagine a place… Where the Lost are Found and the Hurting are Healed, the Young are Nurtured, the Old are Cherished, where All are Welcome, and Christ is Adored… More is available than you’ve ever imagined!

College Church Core Values

Our Core Values are based on what we believe about the character and nature of God and what He desires for His Church.  We read these as seven vital values that all members of College Church should believe, live by, and demonstrate on a daily basis.  These are not words we put on a wall, but reflect prayer, searching Scripture, and reasoned ways as to how we should be together as citizens of the Kingdom of God.


We believe that God desires to redeem every part of humanity. On the journey, we believe that Christ is the only hope for healing the whole person, reconciling and restoring our relationship with God, each other, and creation.


We believe in asking the hard questions about life, God, and spirituality. We believe truth will be found when we seek it. We believe the Bible is the true and inspired Word of God, and therefore we place high priority on the teaching, discussion, and life application of scripture.


We believe that people can communicate directly with the Living God. We choose to promote an environment in which prayer pervades everything we do.


We believe that life is intended to be lived in authentic community. We will purposefully live in genuine, loving relationships with each other.


We believe that the Church is God's ongoing presence in the world. Our hearts should break for what breaks the heart of God, compelling us to fight injustice and to serve others compassionately.


We believe that Jesus understood and engaged people where they were on their unique journey. We desire to see people as God sees them, as those who bear the image of God regardless of their cultural perspective and background.


We believe that Jesus was intentional about raising up servant leaders. Therefore, we will be intentional about training and equipping followers of Christ to impact our families, communities, and world.

What is the Church of the Nazarene?

The Church of the Nazarene traces its anniversary date to 1908. Its organization was a marriage that, like every marriage, linked existing families and created a new one. As an expression of the holiness movement and its emphasis on the sanctified life, our founders came together to form one people. Utilizing evangelism, compassionate ministries, and education, their church went forth to become a people of many cultures and tongues.

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