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Has anyone told you this week that your work is good? Purposeful, even?

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I can become ensnared by the belief that the work that I’ve given myself to — that I’ve allowed myself to be consumed by at times — feels like toil.
When I pause and think about the function and purpose of work, my mind recalls theological principles that I wholeheartedly believe to be true: The notion that work isn’t an inherent evil; That God intended for humans to be creators from the very outset; That for this reason work can be redeemed like any other area of our life.
Work can be more than than toil. In fact, that is God’s desire for work in your life.
And yet, it’s really easy to slip into the work for the weekend mentality right? It’s often difficult to recognize the value of work in the moment. I don’t think this is something to be ashamed of, so much as heartbroken by. What is it about work that drives us to be a people that long for the absence of work? How can work be good again?

“When I have the wisdom to step away from work momentarily, I am able to see it as a gift for the entire world.” – macrina wiederkehr, sevensacredpauses

The staff at College Church have been reading through Macrina Wiederkehr’s book, sevensacredpauses, over the past few weeks. This book is helping us to look at seven different times of day that the Church has historically stopped to pray. I’d highly recommend this book if you are looking for some form of structure in your prayer life — it’s been a gift to me in this short time.
This week, we turn to “the blessing hour”, also known as mid-morning. Macrina realizes that many in her audience will find themselves at work as they pause to pray, and offers this message as the theme to her third chapter:

“It is a marvelous insight that our work is to benefit the larger world. In this age when, unfortunately, many people appear to be caught in the limitations of individualism, how good to be reminded that we are called to serve others, not just ourselves… Rather than look at work as a punishment for sin, we can learn to look at work as a gift of love for the good of all creation.”

What if you could truly take part in your work, at your workplace, with your co-workers — in full belief that your work is a gift of love for the good of all creation?
I’m not sure that their is a magic formula to help you achieve that belief. However, I have found that a prayerful, mindful mentality can mold and shape us in little moments each day. Macrina offers this prayer as one option for the midmorning pause. I’d invite you to take time to reflect on this with us together today.
In you I live and move and have my being. Morning’s bright beginning has worn away, and I am full of thoughts about the things that I must accomplish today. Remembering how you stole away from the crowd for personal prayer, I take a deep breath. I invite you into the ground of my being. I cannot leave my work right now but I can breathe. Breathe in me anew. I will follow your breath to the depth of my being. I will remember to pause. Father, enter into the sacred space of my life and abide.

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