Stephen Ministry

Lay ministers who are equipped to journey alongside you, or a loved one, through hurt and grief.

Sometimes, we just need someone to talk with.

Stephen Ministers are laypersons within College Church who have received extensive training in order that they can properly and effectively come alongside other persons who are hurting and struggling. These lay ministers seek to be listeners and practice the the powerful ministry of presence in other’s lives. If you or someone you know is hurting the Stephen Ministry is here to come beside them.

What is Stephen Ministry?

Take a listen to the ways that Stephen Ministers have found their role in the lives of care receivers, to be lifelong and shaping.

About Stephen Ministry

Potential Care Receivers

  • People who are lonely.
  • People who are hospitalized.
  • People who are struggling with parenting.
  • People who are grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • People who are separated or in the process of divorce.
  • People who are terminally ill and their families.
  • People who are experiencing loss of job or financial setbacks.
  • People who are experiencing crisis situations.
  • People and families of those facing legal difficulties.
  • People who are struggling with their faith.
  • People who are separated from their family.
  • People who are recovering substance abusers.
  • People with “personal” relationship issues.
  • People who are experiencing hurt from abuse.
  • People adjusting to life-changing situations; retirement, stay-at-home mom, promotion, new parent, empty nester, graduating from college, etc.
  • People who need someone to come alongside of them during an especially difficult time – a caring soul who can help them process their feelings, their fears, their anger, their lack of faith, and yet provide hope.

Stephen Ministers Can't Provide Care For

  • Minors
  • Couples, families, or other groups (This is a one-on-one ministry)
  • Those who are suffering serious mental or emotional disturbances
  • Those who are suffering severe depression
  • Those with personality disorders
  • Manipulative individuals
  • Those dealing with abuse issues, substance abusers, or chemically-dependent persons
  • Those exhibiting suicidal behavior
  • Those exhibiting violent behavior
  • Those who need a social worker
  • Those who are a part of the caregivers circle of friends

Make A Referral

Please follow these steps in order to make a referral for Stephen Ministry care:

  1. Identify the person who is hurting – either you, a relative, or friend in need of Christian Care.
  2. Explain the benefits of having a Stephen Minister come along side them.
  3. If not you, please ask the individual for permission to refer them or have them complete the following information or call.
  4. Complete Referral Information here. Someone will contact you within 24 hours of the referral being received.