Adult Bible Study Fellowship

People who desire friendship with one another as they face life’s challenges and celebrate life’s blessings. Seeking nourishment and learning from the word of God. Gatherings take place on Sunday mornings, complimentary to the regular worship gatherings.

Nourishment in scripture, prayer, and fellowship with one another.

 Adult Bible Study Fellowships (ABSF) are a community of people just like you. Each community has its own unique characteristics;, yet each gathering seeks to discover God more fully through study of  scripture. In addition, an ABSF offers opportunities to develop enduring friendships in a relaxed environment; to be involved in fun meaningful activities,; to help others and to be helped in the time of need, and ; to participate in the global mission of sharing the Gospel.

Early Morning Gathering

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8 AM | RM. V-301 | Vern Haller

The Sojourners ABSF meets at 8 AM and is perfect for people with responsibilities that will not allow them to attend a class during the “normal” times.  We are service-oriented which means there are many opportunities for being active in our community.  We also love to spend time with each other and plan many fellowship times–everything from a Mystery Breakfast to a Fall cookout to a Spring picnic.  We have a great teacher and the lessons are discussion-oriented to clarify how we can apply what we are learning to the world around us.  All ages are welcome.  The class currently consists of mostly retired couples and singles.  There is not child care available at this time.

First Hour Gatherings

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New Promise

9:30 AM | RM. K-103 | Darin Meyer

New Promise offers an intimate environment that encourages interactive discussions, helping us to learn from one another. Most of our studies focus on the practical application of biblical teachings to our everyday lives and how to help our children of various ages find their path with Christ. Come and be a part of our family.

Special Pops

9:30 AM | RM. S-119 | Marcia Fall + Larry Miller

This class is for adults with intellectual disabilities. We share Bible stories in a fun and easy to understand way. We sing, share what’s been happening in our lives, and pray for the requests made by the class. We meet in room S119 at 9:30 on Sundays and at 7:00 on Wednesdays. Our Wednesday night fellowship centers on devotions, sharing, songs, and prayer. A relaxed atmosphere where people are valued as part of the family of God.

Life Together

9:30 AM | V-302 | Team Teaching

From Genesis to Revelation, it is clear we are designed as relational beings, built to come fully alive in community with God and each other.  Life Together is a group of people that believe authentic, connected community brings out the full measure of meaning and joy in life.  No matter if you are standing on life’s hills, or traversing one of life’s valleys, join us as we explore how God’s word and spirit move through our lives and the lives around us.

Covenant Community

9:30 AM | RM. V-301 | Eric Bryant

Covenant Community invites you to join us weekly as we create and strengthen relationships, praying together and studying God’s Word. Beyond Sunday, we commit to serving each other, as well as those we work alongside and befriend in our neighborhoods. If you don’t have a place to call ‘home’, welcome to our family.


9:30 AM | RM. K-102 | Marcos Cisneros

This class meets every Sunday with its emphasis in Adults (40+). The teaching is Scripture based and seeks participation of all attendees. This class in particular loves to celebrate every week, they bring delicious things to eat after the class, this gives an excellent opportunity for a wonderful time of fellowship.


9:30 AM | RM. K-105 | Luis Bocanegra + Roberto Blanco

The focus on this group is to reach the younger adults and couples (39-). Excellent biblical teaching around the table, with a nurturing conversation, this class also likes to celebrate every time they meet. A beautiful spirit of love and support is a distinctiveness of this group.

Second Hour Gatherings

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Abundant Life Fellowship

11 AM | RM. K-101 | Walter Way

Abundant Life Fellowship provides for fun fellowship as well as Biblically based lessons that are presented in a class discussion format, so we can all learn from each other. The class has a diverse membership and provides a caring setting where personal concerns and needs can be safely shared. Visitors and new members are welcome to join in our fellowship and worship.


11 AM | Rm. S-121 | Jim Pettitt

The Ambassador Class offers opportunity for in-depth Bible Study, active fellowship opportunities, involvement in various outreach ministries of College Church and loving care for each other as part of God’s family. We invite you to join us as we sing, pray, and study together each Sunday.


11 AM | Garrett Chapel | Kevin Gilmore

The Affirmers Class offers great Bible teaching; lots of opportunities for fellowship; reaching out to help others outside the walls of our church, as well as those in our church community; and enjoys long-lasting friendships where we can share together the ups and downs of life.


11 AM | RM. V-301 | Larry Haffey

The Becomer’s Adult Bible Study Fellowship is a multi-generational class, with a majority of members over 60 years of age.  The focus is on Bible Study, Prayer, and Fellowship.  There are regularly scheduled fellowship activities, and also opportunities for community service.  This is a warm and affirming group, ready to welcome anyone, and make them feel appreciated and needed.


11 AM | Downhaus 120 | Daniel Hinthorn, Paul Jost, Marvin Powers + Carrol Howell

The Connections class is a diverse group of people from all walks of life and varying ages, that come together weekly to study God’s word, bear one another’s burdens, and reach out to others in the community.

Our class is open to anyone, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. Everyone is welcomed and accepted.


11 AM | K - 1024| Roger Freed

The Harvester Class is a mature Bible Study Fellowship group where all are welcomed!  We enjoy solid study of God’s Word, usually following the Curriculum, with significant open discussion.  Each session includes a time of praise for answered prayer, and a sharing of prayer needs, and a prayer time together.  We are a group that is rejoicing that God is doing great things as He constantly demonstrates that He cares and loves everyone.

New Beginnings

11 AM | RM. V-303 | Dustin Meyer

New Beginnings class would welcome you for a visit.  Enjoy coffee and a treat, class prayer, and a lesson from God’s word.  Feel free to express your thoughts, and especially your prayer requests with us as we look forward to new beginnings.

New Dimensions

11 AM | RM. V-305 | Mike Gough

Please join us this fall for a study of the book of Acts and how it applies to our culture today. Our class is made up of people of all ages and marital status. Our class enjoys good discussions in a caring environment. We welcome you to be a part of our class.

Open Door Disciples

11 AM | RM. S-119 | Lowell Hought + Kevin Wahaus

The Open Door Disciples are a group of people who want to deepen our understanding of who God is and what that means for our daily lives.  We discuss challenging questions, digging below the surface in an attempt to deepen our own faith as well as strengthen our ability to connect with the people around us in a meaningful way.

Grace Covenant

11 AM | RM. K-105 | Dean Flemming + Ron Burch

Welcome to Grace Covenant. This class is taught by two excellent and capable teachers in Ron Burch and Dean Flemming.  Lessons alternate between ABSF quarterly curriculum and special studies such as the book of Revelation.  Regular service opportunities have included projects such as Mission Southside, Harvesters food sorting, and church workdays.  Social events have consisted of super bowl parties, photo scavenger hunts, game nights, campouts, potlucks, and Christmas parties.  Attendees are an eclectic mix of single adults, parents of young children, and parents of grown children.  All ages and stages are welcome.

Faithful Journey

11 AM | RM. K-102 | Gordon Wetmore

The Faithful Journey ABSF is a community with a warm and loving fellowship.  Transparency is key to our class dynamic with a welcoming prayer and praise time followed by a time of continued conversation based on Pastor’s sermon.  We’ve heard the Word, and now …. “so what!”…. How do we practically apply those truths to our lives!?  From the fellowship time, to the prayer and praise, to the class discussion: We share life.  We cry together.  We laugh together.  We journey together.  We believe the truths of Proverbs 27:17;  “iron sharpens iron” and put that to the test. Class socials are limited, but deep connections are realized and lived out in a community of friends.  Open to singles and couples.  Ages ranging from 30’s to 70’s.

Solid Foundation

11 AM | RM. K-103 | Duane Baty

The Solid Foundation Class is made up of people age 45 and up. We experience solid Bible teaching and good discussions, with opportunities for fellowship and long-lasting friendships. All are welcome to come and share life with our class.

His Fellowship

11 AM | RM. S-115 | Ron Wilson + Ed Campbell

His Fellowship is a warm, joy-filled fellowship of Believers in Christ Jesus. Classes are Bible-centered with solid teaching and stimulating discussions. Once a quarter we share a fellowship potluck dinner with great food and warm fellowship. You will be welcomed warmly in a joyous atmosphere.