College Church has a long and illustrious history with Work & Witness events. It’s all about connecting teams with needs around the world. These needs range from construction, to medical, to technical, or evangelistic. Work & Witness teams are self-funded and team members must be willing to be available up to 21 days. To learn more about the Work & Witness movement in the Church of the Nazarene follow the link below. If you are interested in getting involved contact us and check back to see what Work & Witness trips are currently in the works.

Ballard W&W Trip

Ballard Church of the Nazarene

Seattle, Washington

"The Work & Witness team of 21 people who traveled to Seattle, WA has returned! Their work with Brian Wardlaw at the Ballard Homestead included painting a home on the property, creating parking spots by digging and filling with gravel, getting rid of a LOT of debris, trees, bushes, vines etc, concrete work on the primary ministry building as well as painting inside and outside and cleaning up the parsonage some.

The team worked all day and then had team bonding/cultural intake times in the evening at a different site in Seattle. The opportunity to "hold up" our fellow workers in the Kingdom were felt by those at Ballard and by the team members.

Team members are ready to share their experiences with you. Just make sure you have plenty of time to hear all the stories!"