Why College Church?

At College Church we are in the practice of living into the confession that 'all are welcome.' This lives at the very core of our identity. The name, College Church, is rooted in our connection to MidAmerica Nazarene University, which sits directly North and East of our church campus. Know that we celebrate the fact that our community is composed of people of many backgrounds, ages, and interests!

We believe that the local Church is the hope for the world, and know that when we gather together on Sundays, our building becomes the host for the active presence of God in the world. 

Are you curious about the Christian faith? Seeking fulfillment or authentic life purpose? Do you desire a community of people that prioritize healing, belonging, and friendship? We would love to have you take part in life with us!

Driving Onto Campus

There are 3 primary paths for accessing our campus:

We have a Main Sanctuary Entrance off of S. Lindenwood Drive.


Our Vanderpool Lobby entrance (on the North Side of the building with the steeple) under the skywalk is a great place to drop off family members before you park. The Vanderpool entrance is also best for those who are in a wheelchair, or are otherwise in need of assistance. When you arrive under the skywalk at our Vanderpool Entrance, we would be happy to offer valet parking. Just let our Greeter team know when you arrive at the entrance, and we will help make your arrival as smooth as possible.

 Our Garrett Chapel entrance is located off of E. Sheridan St., and allows access to the church building from the east side. As you pull into this entrance, you will notice the baseball field at MidAmerica Nazarene University. 


Whichever entrance you choose, you will be greeted by a smiling face and handed a bulletin which will help you to engage the events of that day as well as informing you of some things happening in the life of the church. 


Our services at CCN are made up of fellowship, inspiring arts, times of prayer, times of giving, the reading of Holy Scripture, and impactful preaching. Whether by writing in your bulletin, sharing online, or by some other means, we encourage our visitors and members to respond to what takes place in our gatherings. Often times our services will conclude with some type of tangible response, most notably the practice of Holy Communion whereby we drink and eat elements representing the blood and body of our Lord Jesus Christ. This practice occurs weekly in the contemporary 11:00 am gathering and on the first Sunday of the month in the traditional 9:30 am gathering.


At the conclusion of our services there is always time and space given for our Guests to connect with those around them and hopefully depart together to share life over a cup of coffee or a meal. 

Life at CCN


Children and Family

Youth and Family