SUmmer mission Trip 2017- June 18-24

One Heart many hands


$100 deposit and application are due Sunday, January 22nd

Applications can be found on the 3rd floor of CFLC

See below for requirements 

A Fundraiser Note from the Brown's

Fundraiser Update 1/29/17

Fundraiser Update 2/6/17

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Donation Letter

Medical Release Form



On Sunday, February 26, the Youth & Family Department will have their annual Dinner/Auction Fundraiser for SMT17. The Fundraiser will be in Uphaus Hall at 5:30 pm. We will sell dinner tickets in the Vanderpool and North Lobbies on February 5, 12, 19 & 26 please sign up at HERE.

Students who help sell tickets and who help before, during, and after the fundraiser will earn money to help with MT17. Each student can submit one item for the Live Auction and unlimited items for the Silent Auction. Each item must have an information sheet filled out by the student, including who made/donated the item, a description of the item, and who submitted the item. The money earned from an item will be split 50/50. 50% will go directly to the student, and the other 50% will be put into the pot to be distributed evenly to those who help work before, during, and after the fundraiser (selling tickets, set up, clean up, etc.). Information Sheets for Live Auction items must be submitted to Candi Brown at by Sunday morning, February 19. Set up for the fundraiser will occur on Sunday, February 26, 3pm-5pm in Uphaus Hall.

If you have questions about the fundraiser or Mission Trip 2017, contact the Youth & Family Ministries Office at

June 18-24, 2017

January 22, 2017:  $100 nonrefundable deposit due (WITH their application)

$350 Total By March 26

$550 Total By May 7


There are several requirements that a students must meet in order to be eligible to go on SMT.

Here are the major requirements:

1. 5 Service Project Hours

2. Attend the mandatory training meeting in May 7, 2017 at 5:00 pm (any unexcused absence may result in forfeiture of your spot on SMT).

3. Read (or listen to) one missionary book and read the book of Acts in the New Testament by June 1, 2017.

4. Turn in your payments on or before the assigned due dates.

5. Follow instructions given to you by adult mentors and pastors.

6. Show consistent maturity and team work

7. Demonstrate a Christ like lifestyle.


Students who attend SMT 2017 must have a completed Youth & Family Medical Release Form on file with the Youth & Family Ministries Office.

The Summer Mission Trip is an event during which we need everyone to be flexible, selfless, positive, and supportive. Because of this, we need parents and students to commit to accept group/room assignments without drama or complaint. Failure to keep this commitment will be an indication that the student should not attend this trip. If you have any questions about The Summer Mission Trip or the requirements, please contact the Youth & Family Ministries Office at


Each student can only bring one large piece of luggage, one small carry-on (backpack size), and a trash bag with bedding in it (sleeping bag, pillow). *Please label your bag. If you are bringing an air mattress, you need to be able to fit it in your luggage or in that bag. The air mattress needs to be a single (twin-size) mattress. If you bring an air mattress that is bigger than a twin, you will be expected to share it with someone else. If you are unable to find someone with which to share it, you will be unable to use it due to limited floor space.*


Be sure to bring a backpack for every day that includes the following items: your Bible, sunscreen, bug spray (optional), and a WATER BOTTLE.

Please bring the following items:

- Clothing (comfortable and modest, NO short shorts, tank tops, or sleeveless shirts. If you are questioning whether a piece of clothing is modest or not, DO NOT bring it!)
- baseball cap (no bandanas or other type of head wear)
- shoes (bring both tennis shoes and flip-flops; tennis shoes must be worn on work days)
- Sleeping bag or bedroll (air mattress is optional)
- towels (at least 2) - toiletries/shower supplies, DEODORANT!
- trash bag for dirty clothes
- Bible and pen
- Sunscreen and two water bottles (both very, very necessary)
- Snacks (optional; if you bring snacks, you must pick up after yourself and no food should be left open)
- Money for snacks at gas stations, the lake or the Mall of America
- additional items that you have signed up to bring, such as fans, extension cords, power strips, and/or CD boom boxes (also remember if you are doing a devotional or not)

Remember that we will be on a caffeine fast during the trip! Students can bring a cell phone but they can ONLY USE IT TO CALL HOME ONCE A DAY. We are not allowing any other uses of any electronic devices. Unless there is an emergency, students’ phones should be out only once per day to communicate with parents.