What is a life group?

A Life Group is a safe place to bear one another’s burdens. This is where we experience life-on-life relationships as we build authentic communities - together. Most Life Groups will meet weekly to live life together and dive deeper into relationship with Christ. 

What do life groups talk about?

Life Groups can choose from a large library of options to guide your group in creating community, developing deeper relationships with Christ, or providing an introduction to who Jesus is. It all depends on where your group is, and where you want to go. The Community Life ministry will provide these books for your group.

What if I don't know much about faith/the bible?

Life groups are for everyone, wherever you are on your journey. We want to do life together, and we want you to be part of that. Come as you are, ask whatever questions you like, and know that we are all on a journey, and we are learning and growing together.

do I have to attend college church to join a life group?

No, you don’t have to attend College Church. Life Groups are open to everyone regardless of where or if they attend church.

Can I find life groups for people in my life stage?

We actually build our Life Groups so that all kinds of people do life together. Most Life Groups will have people in various life stages, although there will be several groups specific to a particular life stage.

Can I bring my kids?

Each Life Group will answer this question differently, however many of our Life Groups provide space for children to come along and enjoy community together. If you have children, please let us know so we can connect you with a group that fits your family's needs!

Can I start a new life grouP?

We would love for you to lead a group! Each group needs a host and a helper. Contact lifegroups@collegechurch.com if you are interested in starting or leading a group, and we'll help you get started.