None of us, especially our students, need more clutter in their lives, which is why we are careful to craft a weekly rhythm designed for growth opportunities while addressing the unique features of your 5th grader’s life. We recognize their current social changes, have identified present needs in their development, and are committed to creating the space for them to spiritually grow and mature. We believe, in addition to these weekly gatherings, intentional, present, and caring adult sponsors vitally contribute to a student’s spiritual maturation. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to further explore the Quest ministry and discover the ways we can come alongside your family. 

Please contact our Children’s Pastor, James Abbott, for more information: (913) 489-6260


Welcome from Pastor James

They are at that age and stage in their lives when they are becoming more independent but not necessarily altogether more ... responsible. The thought processes are more abstract and their social identities outside the home are playing a larger role in their lives. Yet, they still care very deeply about the approval of “Mom & Dad.” They love shared experiences and want to blend in with their peers- yet still make a “stand” when it comes to their faith. They are beginning to realize that they cannot hide behind the “apron strings" of their family and church for their belief systems. This is where we begin in Quest. Our goal is to graduate the students from saying, “This is what we believe”or “This is what our church believes” to “This is what I believe.” We want to assist families in helping each student “own” their Faith!

Each Sunday,  sponsors work within our small groups, they share life on life with students during our Funky Fridays, and work alongside students during our Service Projects. Then, when we are “away” at the Retreats and the Mission Trip, they have earned the “right” to hear their hearts because of our “time spent” together both inside and outside our walls. This does two things: it gives us opportunity to hear and to speak His Truth into their lives and it models for them that the “church” is not merely “brick and mortar” but that we are the Church together; we are His community! Quest is a Christ centered ministry that not only prepares them for Middle School, but points each student back to the Word and to the family for strength and guidance reinforcing our responsibility to demonstrate God’s love for those who do not yet call Him, “Savior.”

While it is true that our children are beginning to branch out from the trunk, we are not pruning them from the tree! Rather, we seek to bind them to it through Scripture by modeling healthy relationships that point each student to Christ and repeating what is (hopefully) being taught in the home! We recognize and value the fact that you, the parent, are the primary source and responsibility for the Spiritual Formation of your child. We are committed to continue to reinforce what they are learning and experiencing in each Christ-centered home by combining the light of the church and the love of the family! It is because of this that we value the time that you are allowing us to invest in your child, as a support system, to keep their hearts turned toward home!

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you this year. We pray that we will be able to work together as a church and as parents for the betterment of our children. We are looking forward to this exciting time as we continue to build our Family of Faith together!

"We are a place where the story of God is known, lived and shared."


James Abbott

Children’s Pastor

(913) 489-6260


2017-2018 Children's Ministry Online Health Form


Sunday School

Our Sunday School is held Sunday mornings from 10:45am - 12:15pm in the Cunningham Family Life Center Quest Room - CFLC 225. Students participate in smaller groups to encourage discussion and prayer. We want every child to feel significant to the total group. Our curriculum is organized topically with a different subject every 2-4 weeks (with the exception of the 8 week Catechism presented by Pastor James in the spring). Our small groups are led by "Sponsors," who will lead their small groups for the whole school year.



Children's Quizzing is a weekly Bible study program for children in grades 1-5. We meet each Sunday night at 6:00 - 7:15pm, starting August 20th. The purpose is to teach the Bible in a fun and exciting way that will create a desire and a love for studying the Bible. This year we are studying Matthew. 

For more information, contact Jim Williams at (913) 829-5469 or email him at


G. I. G. (Growing in God)

G.I.G. (Growing In God) Bible study with Pastor James.  G.I.G starts on Wednesday, August 23rd from 7:00 - 8:00pm in the Cunningham Family Life Center C-218. It is an accountability group for 5th graders that allows students to share concerns as they are given practical applications of Scripture to conquer the challenges they face at school, home, church, etc. G.I.G. provides a platform to approach the "how-to's" of Christ-centered Discipleship and Apologetics as Pastor James leads them through Richard Foster's "Celebration of Discipline." Each individual is brought to a deeper understanding of what it means to live out their love for Christ in the context of the community they are called to serve


Team Lift Application

Mission Trip


The Quest students and sponsors will be participating in both indoor and outdoor work projects, community jobs (i.e. scraping, painting, cleaning, etc.), sharing testimonies with the community, and ministering to those in our targeted areas within the St. Louis community.

You are expected to be dedicated in your commitment to the Lord as you represent Him and the people of College Church. Your attitude and actions while on our QMT must represent your commitment to do His will. This will be a fun trip, but it is a trip in His service, not ours.

Every Quest student is expected to follow instructions. When on a trip away from home, we cannot have students "doing their own thing." For your safety and to maximize the ministry opportunities, each student is expected to comply with the Quest Leadership Team as they assist in providing a great experience through their prayerful investment. The Quest Sponsors are "in charge" and their direction must be followed. Failure to cooperate with the Quest Leadership Team will necessitate contacting parents to finalize details for an early trip home for that student. While this has never occurred in the history of our Quest Mission Trips, for the safety and well being of our group, this must be understood.

On a mission trip, we must be of one mind and heartbeat. We are ministering for the Lord; therefore, we will not tolerate any damaging comments that will bring disunity to our group. "Fun" is not fun when it is at the expense of someone else. We commit to provide a healthy and safe environment for growth in Christ.

Begin praying now for our Mission Trip. We want God to do great and wonderful things! So, we must do our part by lifting up our ministry and the impact we will have on St. Louis. We are going to have an amazing experience as we represent our grace giving Savior!

Our Quest Mission Trip will be May  31st - June 3rd. The cost of the trip is $240. The initial $120 (non-refundable) deposit AND application are due by Sunday, January 14th to secure your spot on the QMT. The balance of $120 (non-refundable) payment is due Sunday, May 13th. Payments may be deposited in the Elementary Drop Box. Please see Pastor James in advance if you need financial assistance. Each student will be expected to bring 1 box or bag of specific items..announced at a later date. Click here to download the QMT application.


Funky Fridays

Funky Fridays are monthly dynamic relationship-building activities. Students are strongly encouraged to invite their friends (5th & 6th grade only)! These are excellent "bridge building" connection points for reaching out to others in a fun-filled and safe environment, with the purpose of inviting them to Sunday School! Registrations take place in Sunday School, Worship, and on Wednesday nights in the Quest Classroom. Our check-in location will always be in the Cunningham Family Life Center lobby with departure & arrival at the South Entrance of the CFLC. Normally, pre-payment is required the Wednesday prior to the activity. Because of advance planning, all monies are non-refundable. Please see Pastor James if you are in need of financial assistance. Health Forms are mandatory and can be picked up at the church or download the health form, complete & sign, then return to the Children's Ministry office.


Throughout the year, Service Projects are scheduled for any 5th grade student. All students desiring to go on the year end Quest Mission Trip are required to participate in 2 of the 4 Quest Service Projects. Yet, all Quest students are encouraged to be involved as these are designed to give students opportunities of service, ministry, and outreach into our community. Health Forms are mandatory and can be picked up at the church or downloaded.