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One Less Gift is an opportunity for you and your family to reImagine Christmas this year. By giving or receiving One less Gift, what would have been spent on that gift can have long-term impact by helping our neighbors in Mapou, Haiti recover after Hurricane Matthew. We've learned that the hurricane destroyed their homes and over 90% of their crops and livestock and that they are also suffering from a cholera outbreak. Your gifts this year can help them get seed and livestock for sustainable food sources, repair and replenish a cholera clinic that will give life saving medication to three nearby villages, and help them rebuild their homes. 

The Christmas Eve Gathering at 5:00pm will be the culmination of One Less Gift, where we will all bring our gifts and celebrate the ways God has enabled us to serve those in our global community.


Although we are coming together on Christmas Eve to give our gifts and celebrate, we know that cash and check isn't always the best way for you to give, so we've made sure you have other options!

give online here

give by text: simply text the amount you'd like to give with a dollar sign (ex: $50) to 913-701-3967



One Less Gift is a great opportunity to get your kids involved and interested in giving back. Convincing them to want less gifts for Christmas is challenge...we get that! Which is why we've thought of some tangible ways that you can help them understand the value of giving up something that might only make them happy for a little while so that someone else can have food, medicine, and shelter...things we often take for granted. In addition, below you can find a certificate to print out with their name on it. You can put this in a box or an envelope so that they have something to open on Christmas morning.

Each week during Advent, you can engage your children in a different way:

11/27-12/3: This week, keep it simple. Introduce the concept of One Less Gift with your children. Have them think of all the things they have. Include the fun things like toys, electronics, and fun experiences, but also encourage them to think of the everyday things like their home, comfort, new clothes, food, hot showers, etc. Have fun seeing what your kids come up with! Then have your children imagine what they would do if they didn't have one (or many) of those things. Have them consider if one of their close friends didn't have those things. Ask your kids if they would hope someone would share what they have with them, or if they would share with their friends if they were in need.

12/4-12/10: One meal this week, have your family eat only a half portion for dinner. Talk about how our friends in Mapou, Haiti are hungry after 90% of their crops were destroyed in Hurricane Matthew.

12/11-12/17: Go on a field trip with your family: first, take a few minutes and search for all of the hospitals, walk-in clinics, urgent care centers, and pharmacies within a 10-15 min drive of your house. Then, drive to the first 1 or 2 on your list. Take the time to walk through the isles of a pharmacy and point out all the medicine. Have your children think of the last time they were sick and needed to go to the doctor. Then prompt them to imagine if there wasn’t a nurse or doctor nearby. How far would/could they walk if they were sick or hurt? What if there was no medicine?

12/18-12/24: This week, sleep on the floor. Many homes were destroyed in the hurricane, removing much of the comfort and safety our Haitian neighbors would normally feel in their own space. Talk about the ways these friends are in need, and how our gifts might help them have a home again.


Download a certificate here!

Are you giving on behalf of a family member or friend?

Let them know how their gift is sending critical food, medicine, and shelter to our neighbors in Mapou, Haiti by printing off the card above and filling in their name.