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continuing the Conversation...

Religion 9.2.2015

Listen to Dr. Cloud lead us in our conversation of engaging our Muslim neighbors. 


Sexuality 9.9.2015

7:00 - 8:00 PM Uphaus Hall

Join us as we continue the conversation of Sexuality. Dr. Todd Frye and his wife Melissa will be leading our discussion. 

Addiction 9.30.15

7:00 - 8:00 pm Uphaus Hall

Join us as we continue the conversation surrounding addiction. Dr. Todd Frye will lead our conversation. 

science 10.7.2015 & 10.4.2015

7:00 - 8:00 pm Uphaus Hall

Can theology and science converse? Does our faith in God negate an intellectual pursuit of science? Join  Nasa Scientist, Dr. Drew Overholt and theologian Jacob Lett as they guide us through an intersection of these two great disciplines. 

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Additional Resources

Below are a list of books that are available in our lobby. We are providing these resources to help supplement Sundays' sermons and Wednesday night institutes.


Charitable Discourse: Talking About the Things that Divide Us by Dan Boone(Book - $15.99; Small Group DVD - $29.99)

Elephants in the Church: Conversations We Can’t Afford to Ignore  (Facilitator’s guide - $9.99; Student - $7.99)

Searching for Answers: Exploring Difficult Questions About Faith and the Bible  (Facilitator’s guide - $9.99; Student - $7.99)

Theology of Luck: Fate, Chaos and Faith by Rob Fringer and Jeff Lane($14.99)


Pieces of Heaven: Recognizing the Presence of God by Joseph Bentz($14.99)

From Grace to Grace: The Transforming Power of Holiness by Dr. Mark Quanstrom($15.99)


Faith Intersections: Christians Listen to...a Muslim, a Scientologist, a Buddhist, a Mormon, and Others compiled by Matt Zimmer($13.99)

What is a Nazarene?: Understanding Our Place in the Religious Community (Revised and Updated) by Dr. Wes Tracy and Dr. Stan Ingersol($15.99)

               Book of Saints: The Early Era by Al Truesdale($16.99)

               Book of Saints: The Middle Era by Al Truesdale($16.99)

               Book of Saints: The Reforming Era by Al Truesdale($16.99)



Scandalous Obligation: Rethinking Christian Responsibility by Eric Severson($17.99)


Human Sexuality: A Primer for Christians by Dr. Dan Boone($10.99)

Angry Birds & Killer Bees: Talking to Your Kids about Sex by Dr. Todd Bowman($13.99)


When Someone You Love Abuses Drugs or Alcohol by Cecil Murphey($8.99)

Too Much Stuff: Winning the War Against Clutter by Kathryn Porter($13.99)

The Pornography Trap: A Resource for Ministry Leaders by Dr. Ralph Earle and Dr. Mark Laaser($15.99)

The 7 Principles of Highly Accountable Men by Dr. Mark Laaser($11.99)

Taking Every Thought Captive by Dr. Mark Laaser($11.99)

Becoming Men of Valor by Dr. Mark Laaser($11.99)

Cycle of Victorious Living: Commit, Trust, Delight and Rest by Dr. Earl & Hazel Lee and Dr. Scott Daniels  (Book - $11.99; Small Group DVD - $29.99)


               New Beacon Bible Commentary: Genesis 1-11 by Joseph Coleson  ($29.99)