It’s been just over a year since I first visited the community of Mapou.

I remember the whirlwind that was my last experience in Haiti. A small team of 4 from College Church had traveled into the village, hiking through 40 miles of the small island nation, to reach a place so remote that UNICEF isn’t even present.

In the days following many conversations were had, but far beyond that, relationships were developed. Food was shared with one another, dreams and visions were discussed, songs were sung.

By the Fall of 2016, it was evident… The story of College Church would now be connected with the story of the people of Mapou, Haiti. A collaboration had begun.

Now we look towards our return.

July 15th-23rd, College Church will commission a team of 6 individuals—including 3 professional nurses—to travel and serve alongside local Haitians in the Mapou community. We will be focusing on two key objectives while present, including:

1.     Medical Relief

2.    Leadership Development


Medical Clinic

Mapou, Haiti

Throughout the week, our team of nurses will be reinforcing a team of local medical professionals as we offer care to children, pregnant mothers, elderly, and others. This care will meet an immediate need, providing relief to treatable illnesses and disabilities that, likely, would otherwise go untreated.

At the same time, we will be working directly with the local Federation leaders in Mapou, teaching and developing leadership skills that will continue to allow them to move forward with the vision for the community in years to come.

Will you commit to pray with us, and for us, in the time leading up to and through the on-site trip?

You can pray specifically for:

  • The health and safety of our team of six… Their names are: Binny, Kristy, Jadhon, J.P., Jennifer, Preston.
  • The medical treatments and relief that will be offered by the collaboration of our nurses, and the local medical professionals.
  • The leadership development training that will be taking place in Mapou.
  • That the Holy Spirit would proceed ahead of us, and create unique opportunities for demonstrating Christ’s love to the people of Haiti.
  • That our eyes and ears would be concentrated on what we are experiencing, and God would empower us to discern His movements in the community, in unique ways.


To learn more about what is taking place in our collaboration with Mapou, Haiti, check out this documentary from the exploration trip last June.