It’s about sustainability and independency. It’s the joy of shared vision for the future, and shared relationships now.

Our collaboration with the federation of Mapou, Haiti began in June of 2016 and has been an exciting journey so far. Take a look at the videos, photos, and stories on this page to learn more!

Community Health Trip | Fall 2018

We’ll be taking a Community Health team to Mapou October 13-20, 2018! Take a look at the stories and experiences on this page to learn more about what these trips are like.  If you’re interested in taking part, let us know in the form below!
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Where is Mapou?

Mapou is in an incredibly remote portion of Haiti. Nestled on the other side of the Haitian Sud-Est Mountains, Mapou is within view of the ocean and 7300′ mountain peaks. Mapou is so remote, that the Red Cross has never even made it to this region of Haiti. Watch the video on the right to see exactly where Mapou is in relation to the remainder of Haiti and the Dominican Republic!

What is a Federation?

Heart to Heart International is pioneering sustainable development in Southeast Haiti in their Federation model. The Federation is the collaboration of individuals from various “sectors” of the larger community. These sectors include the religious, business, medical, educational, agricultural, and other spheres of life in the the Haitian cultural community.
In Mapou the federation is comprised of around 15 individuals. The Federation is in the process of doing an ethnographic study of their local community while simultaneously developing their own leadership abilities in areas of conflict management, financial literacy, and ingenuity. After the completion of their training, they will identify core projects within Mapou that will best improve their preferred future for all generations of the community.
Average # of Patients Seen Monthly
Nurse Marie Aline serves the Mapou and Grand-Gosier communities 5 days a week, and once a month a Heart-to-Heart employed doctor spends a full week at the Mapou clinic. Aline keeps medical records on each of her patients and supplies them with critical medicines and vitamins needed to treat and prevent common ailments in Haiti.
Minutes to the Nearest Hospital
Medical care in Haiti is often irregular at best; it’s 90 minutes to Thiotte, where the nearest hospital is. At that, oftentimes community members must travel 5-7 hours–often in a bus or on the back of a taxi, on very rocky terrain–to access complete medical care in dire circumstances. This is why having a consistent medical presence in Mapou helps so much in treating, and preventing debilitating conditions that often otherwise go untreated.
Establishing Community Health

Sustainable impact through the heart and work of Nurse Marie Aline

Community Health Team 2017

We sent a Medical team to assist Nurse Aline in July of 2017, and together we saw over 255 patients! Take a look at this video to learn about what it is like to be in Mapou, serving alongside Heart to Heart staff in the clinic.
Patients treated by College Church Medical Team

Leadership Training | July 2017

Core to Mapou’s success as a community is its development of the Federation leadership team. The Federation leaders in Mapou are currently in the process of receiving regular training regarding conflict resolution, financial literacy, agricultural efficiencies, and a host of other important facets of life in Haiti. In July, we sent a team to take play a role in a training session!
Take a look at this video to understand all that is leadership development in the Mapou Federation.

Watch the Documentary

Care to know about all that began in Haiti a year ago? Watch the full-length documentary from our exploration team’s time in-country!


Commissioning College Church through opportunities to serve alongside others


Inviting College Church to an awareness of mercy in our neighborhoods, city, and world.


Calling College Church to give generously to the mission of God through our finances and service.

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