First Fruits in haiti

We are excited to share news of some serious developments with our friends and neighbors in Mapou, haiti!


Click on the pictures below to learn more about who is pictured in the images, and what is being grown. Have you ever seen young banana trees or yam plants?

These plants represent livelihood to our neighbors in Mapou. These ensure that food will be available--fulfilling a major need in the wake of Hurricane Matthew's devastating destruction of over 90% of the crops and livestock in Mapou.


You may remember, one of the more critical needs identified for Mapou was the presence of a nurse. Through the funds raised by YOU from One Less Gift, College Church was able to provide the funding for the hire of Nurse Aline!

These are some photos of her hard at work, serving her local community. 


Check out her bio below: 

"My name is Louise Marie Aline Desruisseau. I was born in Port-au-Prince in 1986. My parents were living in Mapou, but because there was no hospital in our community, my mother went to Port-au-Prince for my birth. I have one brother and one sister, and both my parents are from Mapou. I grew up in Port-au-Prince, where I studied both English, Spanish. After that I went to Bellevue school of Nursing for four years. My professional career started as a school teacher in Port-au-Prince.

In recent years, I have returned to Mapou and worked in a recognized a nutrition program for malnourished children. I also worked for the InterAmerican Bank of Development, in a cholera treatment program in Mapou. I love to work and support my community in any way that I can! I am delighted to return to my community to give my support as a nurse and to work for Heart to Heart International. With this new job, I will be able not only to help my community, but also to provide for the needs of my family as I am a wife and a mother. "