At College Church, we desire to provide a safe and creative environment for each child and their family to grow in their love and service to Jesus. We accomplish this by providing a multitude of ministry opportunities. Whether it is through discipleship, worship, service, or simply sharing life on life, we want to point each child toward the larger narrative of God’s story. We invite you to take a look around and see if there are any areas that capture your imagination. Allow us the privilege of coming alongside your family as we journey together to enhance your child’s relationship with Christ and with you.

In fact, we would love to dream with you about what “could be!” If you would be willing to begin a conversation of what that might look like, drop me an email! I would love to connect with you!

Love to your family!


James Abbott

Elementary Pastor

(913) 489-6260

Health Form

2017-2018 Children's Ministry Online Health Form

Sunday School

Elementary Sunday School is held Sunday mornings from 11:00am - 12:10pm. This time is designed to be an exciting time of learning and growing in God's Word. 1st - 6th Grades meet on the 1st & 2nd floors of the Cunningham Family Life Center.

We make Sunday School a safe place where children can ask questions, and interact with other children who desire to know more about God. We invite you to bring your child to Sunday School. I know they will enjoy this time and look forward to it every week.

For more information, contact Pastor James Abbott at (913) 489-6260 or email him at



Children's Quizzing is a weekly Bible study program for children in grades 1-6. We meet each Sunday night from 6:00 - 7:15pm, starting August 21st. The purpose is to teach the Bible in a fun and exciting way that will create a desire and a love for studying the Bible. This year we are studying Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. 

For more information, contact Jim Williams at (913) 829-5469 or email him at



Intermission - Wednesday Night Program (1-4th Grades)
    Inter - To come between or to be among
    Mission - an act of sending
    Intermission is a mid-week gathering of elementary age students for the purpose of community, worship
      and learning God’s Word - that we in turn realize we are being “sent” by God to go and be among
      those we encounter everyday to share and model His love.

    During Intermission your child we be led by a Coach, sort of like a mentor, who will be with them each week. This coach is the leader of a small group (6-10 kids) your child is in each week. These coach groups will journey together each night to their activities, Bible lessons and open/closing sessions. 
    During Intermission your child will be learning God’s truth through His narrative (story), the Church of the Nazarene Articles of Faith and modern day stories of how God is working today! We want each child to not only know God’s Word but experience it in their own hearts and be inspired by those living around them today who love Jesus too. 

    6:45 - 7:05 - gather in their Coach groups in designated classrooms
    7:05 - 7:20 - Opening Session in Quest room (All Together)
    7:20 - 8:00 - Activities / Bible Lesson
    8:00 - 8:15 - Closing Session and Prayer in Quest Room (All Together)
        *You will drop your child off in their classroom
        * You will pick up your child in the Quest Room - C-225
        * When picking up your child in the Quest room we ask that you
            enter from the west door (lobby side) and exit the east door    
            to help eliminate a traffic jam and to help us with security.

There is no registration fee for your Elementary student to participate in Intermission/Caravan, however, we do require that a parent or guardian fill out a new 2016-2017 Children's Ministry Health form for each student.  Download the health form, complete & sign, then return to the Children's Ministry office.

For more information, contact Julie Bryant, Intermission/Caravan Director, at


Team Lift Application


Philosophy of Ministry

During the six years that we have the privilege of serving students in the Elementary Ministry, each child will have demonstrated for her/him the necessity of having a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Yet, that is not our final goal.

Rather, we strive to have each child understand the importance of furthering that relationship through the introduction, education, and practice of spiritual disciplines. We strive to help each child to learn not only WHAT we believe as a body of Christ but WHY we believe it! Apologetics, the defending of our Faith, is best imbued through the understanding of this precept — why we believe what we believe. Evangelism is then a natural by-product that is born out of discipleship because each child will be shown the importance of “owning” their faith instead of merely “believing as Mom and Dad do.” In this manner, each child has the building blocks to develop a Biblical understanding of what it means to be a global disciple of Christ. As both Believers and Followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, regardless of what takes place around us — our past, present, and future — whether in our homes, our communities, our country, or in our world — we are called to place all celebrations and challenges at His feet. This helps us to place all things in His perspective and helps us to establish and maintain a Biblical Worldview.

We are resolved to assist families in training their children to develop a Biblical worldview and unite them with a community of Believers who will foster their commitment to God’s truth and establish personal accountability for a Faith-driven existence. We will consistently reinforce that there is an absolute moral standard and that it is contained within the Bible. Here are some of the key questions we want each child to be able to understand and communicate in the context of their personal relationship with Jesus as they live it out in the context of community:

Does God exist?

What are the characteristics of God?

How & Why was the world created?

What is the nature and purpose of humanity?

What is Absolute Truth?

What happens after we die?

Our goal is to assist parents in helping children grasp a way of thinking through the personal application of God’s will in their lives. We strive to train each child to own their faith, while providing a safe environment during the ebb and flow of their efforts to impact the world as they think and act like Jesus. Through the application of God’s Word, His precepts are designed to point toward total surrender of self to His will (Sanctification) and thus freedom in Christ!

Too, we continually identify and evaluate what George Barna describes as “character clusters.” They are Faith maturity, Trustworthiness, Promoting Truth, Wisdom, Sensitive conscience, Virtuous morality, Godly demeanor, Controlled temper, Appropriate Speech, Loving heart, Proper values, Servanthood, and Humility. We wish to have our children fortify these factors that are identified for us in Scripture while striving for the transforming fruits of the Spirit that define a true Disciple of Christ.

Our Mission statement as a Biblical community of Christ is: "We are a community called to be and to make Christlike disciples for God's mission in the world." The three tenets used to carry this forward are Worship, Discipleship, and Service. Certainly Compassion, Evangelism, and Fellowship are critical to this end as well. It is paramount that we know Whose we are and why we are here. That is why our mission is so critical, not to merely recite, but to live out each day of our lives! What follows is a short definition of these areas in order to be clear. Too, all areas are taught within the appropriateness of each child’s age and stage of development.

COMPASSION Caring for physical needs — social justice/action

EVANGELISM Sharing our faith — modeling our hope in Christ

DISCIPLESHIP Seeking to grow & mature in our faith — equipping hope

FELLOWSHIP A place to be loved and belong

SERVICE Everyone has/needs a ministry — spiritual gifts

WORSHIP Vibrant interactive worship experiences

Again, it is a privilege to serve our families in this capacity. It is a Sacred Trust that we have been given and we hold this tenderly and humbly up to Him. It is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that we can truly bestow Christ’s love and God’s wisdom into these that have been shared with us!

Finally, we want these children to have as much fun as possible! So, we take a breath in moments of challenge and difficulty — and in that moment, we ask the Lord for His providence, grace, and mercy once again — and to extend such to each of the little ones that are in our care! With a smile, we respond with love and encouragement! We model what we instruct, first! It is just as the old saying goes, “Actions speak LOUDER than words!”