Sr. High will have our annual Dinner/Auction Fundraiser for Mission Trip 2016. The Fundraiser will be in Uphaus Hall immediately following the Sunday night service. We need students to help sell dinner tickets in the Vanderpool Lobby every Sunday in the month of March. Students who help sell tickets and who help before, during, and after the fundraiser will earn money to help with Mission Trip. Each student can submit one item for the Live Auction and unlimited items for the Silent Auction. Each item must have an information sheet filled out by the student, including who made/donated the item, a description of the item, and who submitted the item. The money earned from an item will be split 50/50. 50% will go directly to the student, and the other 50% will be put into the pot to be distributed evenly among all students who help work before, during, and after the fundraiser (selling tickets, set up, clean up, etc). Information Sheets for LIVE Auction items must be submitted by Sunday morning, March 10. Set up for the fundraiser will occur Sunday, March 10, 3pm-6pm in Uphaus Hall. If you have questions about the fundraiser or Mission Trip, contact the Student Ministries Office at 913-489-6213 or