Each Quest student is led by Pastor James and the Quest Sponsors through a Christian Catechism. Simply stated, a catechism is a series of questions and answers surrounding a belief system. Our students are encouraged to ask the “tough questions” about our core beliefs and values as a Christ centered community. We closely study our agreed statements of belief (otherwise known as our Sixteen Articles of Faith) and deconstruct them together.

Once this series is complete, each student who has attended 4 out of the 8 weeks (and with their parent’s/guardian’s approval) has the opportunity to join the global community of the Church of the Nazarene by becoming a member of College Church during the Sunday morning service on March 6, 2016. Obviously joining the church is not compulsory. Our primary objective is to assist each student in continuing the conversation regarding their Faith journey and intentionally deepening their resolve about what they believe and why they believe it. With Christ as the marrow, we desire to put muscle on their Faith skeleton! Yet, we want to connect each with the larger community of the church. It is in this spirit that we challenge each student in their relationship with Christ to deepen their roots in Him.