Adult Bible Study Fellowships (ABSF) are a community of people just like you. People who desire friendship and reach out and help one another as they face life’s challenges and celebrate life’s blessings. Each community has its own unique characteristics; yet each gathering seeks to discover God more fully through study of  scripture. In addition, an ABSF offers opportunities to develop enduring friendships in a relaxed environment; to be involved in fun meaningful activities; to help others and to be helped in the time of need; to participate in the global mission of sharing the Gospel.

8:00 A.M. - Adults

SOJOURNERS - Room V 301 Vern Haller


9:30 A.M. - Adults

ABUNDANT LIFE FELLOWSHIP - Room K 106 Team Teaching Rotation                                                                      

COVENANT COMMUNITY- Room S 115 Warren Rogers / Eric Bryant

GENESIS (Hispanic Adults) - K104 Pastor Eduardo Aparicio

LIFE TOGETHER- Dining Room DeWayne & Amber Ables

NEW DIMENSIONS - Room V 301 Cathy Weins                                     

NEW PROMISE- Room K 103  Darin Meyer          

REDIMIDOS (Hispanic Young Adults) - K105 Sinai Bustillo / Hernán Castro

SPECIAL PEOPLE - S119 Mary Mays/Larry Miller


11:00 A.M. - Adults

ABUNDANT LIFE FELLOWSHIP - Room K 101 Team Teaching Rotation

AFFIRMERS - Garrett Chapel Roy Rotz / David Felter

AMBASSADORS - Room S 121 Jim Pettitt                                                       

BECOMERS - Room V 301 Larry Haffey                                                 

CONNECTIONS - Downhaus 120 Daniel Hinthorn / Marvin Powers     

FAITHFUL JOURNEY - Room C 308 Gordon Wetmore

GRACE COVENANT - Room K 106 Dean Flemming/Ron Burch

HARVESTERS - Room K 102 Roger Freed

NEW BEGINNINGS - V 303 Pastor Dennis Apple

NEW DIMENSIONS - Room V 305 Mike Gough                                 

OPEN DOOR DISCIPLES - S 119  Lowell Hought/John Campbell

SAFE HARBOR - Downhaus 131 Rotation Team

SOLID FOUNDATION -  K 103 Duane Baty

HIS FELLOWSHIP (Senior Adults) -  S 115 Frank and Sue Moore                                             

FRIENDSHIP (Senior Adults) -  V 302 Chuck Merriner